How has Media Corp helped you? What do you hope to gain.

Media Corp has helped me with my probation, they gave me a chance to be in the program. Media Corp has  introduced me to many types of interesting jobs that i didnt even know about. Im learning programs like photoshop and premiere for photo editing. This program has alot of connections and were meeting alot of people in Austin in the technology field. I hope to gain a good career from this program that makes alot of money.

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  • jt September 8, 2009  

    my short term goal for the semester is to increse my skills using 3d animation programs and create my own animation skit. i am practicing on my own time with a program called blender and working on creating original animations. my long term goal for my future is to pursue a carrer in media/ video design and animations. with help from my teacher and my classes i am taking in highschool, i am on the right path to acomplish this goal.

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