Stephen Glass

1. Who is Stephen Glass? 

He is a former U.S. journalist.

2. What is he accused of doing in 1998?

lying about quotes, and news stories. He made up handfuls of stories and lied about the stories and did everything to cover up the lies.

3. What national magazine did he work for?

He was an editor for The New Republic 

4. How was Stephen Glass characterized in the media when his fabrications were exposed in 1998?

A serial fabricator, disgraced former journalist.

5. What are journalists saying about him today?

His stories were ludicrous, and he is the biggest journalism fraud.

6. And what has been Glass’ own reaction to the storm of controversy he stirred up?

He was in shock of the betrayel and hurt he caused his colleuges. Confused as to why lied. 

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