How can you impact your community away from AYW?:

I can impact my community, by offering to help in little ways that I can accomplish. Being kind to all my brothers and sisters in heavens kingdom that lives on earth, and doing the best that I can in life for myself, and others.

What would you like to see change in your environment?

I would like it if it wasn’t dangerous anymore on the streets, everyone being considerate to not hurt each other, and it being a completely bliss peaceful place. I also would like it if bullying was stopped in public schools someway somehow between ages 6-18 because if it happened to me, in bad ways. Then it could happen to anyone with or without a disability. And then most of them would commit suicide, or ask someone to kill them, or be depressed the rest of there life, and no child growing up deserves that. They deserve a life they can live in, and know that they’ve done there ultimate best to get there.

                        Love Ya Amber Sakura!

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  • brianswanson September 8, 2009  

    well my short term goal is to finish my senior year w/ straight A’s and my long term is to graduate college.

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