What can you gain from learning how to build a website?:

I gain info from learning to build a website, so that I can make my own websites, two actually, one for my business I hope to do in the future, and one just for fun, oh and a third one for a online game.

How do you envision your role when working in a group?:

My role being envisioned, is to be able to give out ideas to the group, and be able to be a leader in the group, but not a leader that bosses people around to do things, I want the group I work with, to be able to work with me in a comfortable atmosphere and put in their own ideas, for the group, and we all work together to get those things done! 🙂

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  • skiecosta November 16, 2009  

    1. It was fun and interesting how we came up with our product and the name.
    2. Our group worked good together; productive.
    3. Working on something that is interesting to all of us.
    4. We were interested in the same thing; also having the same view on how we want the project to turn out.
    5. Come up with new ideas and go around figuring out if we can compromise.
    6. It is fine as long as we get along.

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