What Did You Learn Yesterday?

I learned about how computers work and how they run on 1’s and 0’s. And what bits are and how to code htmls. I t was fun i enjoyed it and i look forward to learning more. We also learned about when the internet was invented and how back in the day how computer ran and what kind of software they used.

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  • hungdinh November 16, 2009  

    1. i experience working prgress with someone in media work.
    2. i had alot of fun doing a cereeal project with my partner.
    3. i don’t because i’m a perfectionist usually i don’t work well with others.
    4. we did all the orders were given it would have been easier to brianstorm but whatever.
    5. ask for ideas.
    6. overall it was pretty good i had fun…sort of. my partner had fun? of course.

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