Website Ideas

What are some websites you’d like to see made?:

I would like a website that posts my songs, and videos of me singing to the world. Because I hope that my music will reach out to others.

Also would like a free to watch fan clan animation website.

And make a website for a downloadable game called Aurora Angels which I hope to make myself.

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  • trevorlynnchaney November 16, 2009  

    i would decribe it as a little competitive and occward

    i prefer to work as an individual in any creative media because i don’t like to compramise whae it comes to my creativity

    we could do a group project that involves specific jobs for each of its members.

    my group was a little creativitly closed mended


    working with others is great but when having to make something from nothing someone has to compramise and the people that should are the ones that know who has the best ideas

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