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  • emilystokes November 16, 2009  

    1. I had a pretty good time working with the cereal box and my partner Trevor. I learned more things about photoshop and understood how to work the thing I kinda knew about. I didn’t like the dead-line because I’m not very good with dead-lines. I think we shouldn’t have to make videos, because trying to put audio together for it was HARD.
    2. I liked having someone that could help me with the work. I didn’t like the pressure of getting it done and taking the stress out on my partner.
    3. I would like to do a group project with more people, and the project being a movie.
    4. Because we have an awesome product.
    5. Get more people in the group.
    6. I like working with others sometimes, but I’m someone who usually likes to be alone.

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