Dick Locher Editorial Cartoon assignment

1) In this cartoon i think the artist is trying to portray how despite the fact that our government that has checks and balances to assure that no section or side gains power over the other, some people in power don’t listen.


Theme: I think a common theme in Dick Locher’s Political cartoons is how the government might tell us something things they don’t do as they say, or how they might be doing illegal things right under our noses.

3)I think the third one shows how great we think a degree is, but how little the 

job market has to offer.

2) The second one portrays how our government is promising us things but not providing them for us.

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  • nataliecasper November 16, 2009  

    My experience was interesting. I felt like we did an overall good job. My group was friendly and even though we didnt know eachother, we got to meet eachother and learn more about eachother. Next time, i think it would be better if we all hads an assigned job or something to help us all have a part in the project. We all contributed the ideas but it was hard to put out own touch on the project becuase all of the work was done on one computer. I think we were trying to make it perfect in the beginning but things weren’t working out, so all of the work stacked up in the last few days, which was slightly stressful. I like working with others, and i learned a lot about photoshop from my partners. It was a good experience and I think next time, things would be easier if we had to do another group project.

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