Tom Tomorrow

                                                                            1. This cartoon is based on the gun control and how someone perspective on it. It shows that it’s common sense on why we should take gun control away and people are over thinking it.

2. This cartoon is showing all the excuse on why the gun control is becoming a problem. More people are seeking into that the reason why is because of video games or movies or maybe even music. The people don’t fail to realize that is has became to easy to just get a gun whenever and however.

3. This cartoon is giving ideas that people get killed everyday and anytime. Theres no reason to just take gun control now because everybody has to go eventually. His mind set is all wrong and thats what Tom Tomorrow is showing that people are being ignorant and not actually looking to change the problem.

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  • chaney November 16, 2009  

    i would describe my experience as “something new”. I got to create my own brand of cereal and create my own cereal box which was “different”. I didn’t work with a group on this project, i did it on my own. Another i would plan to do a project group would be for something like, planning a wedding : )
    i think i performed the way i did because i worked by myself instead of working with a group/partner.
    i would change the fact that i worked on my own.
    I like working with others as long as im not the only one doing all of the work

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