Wright editorial cartoons

1.This cartoon is talking about the issues we have had in the united states with guns. it says “In guns we trust” because there has yet to be a law banning guns after all these shootings we have had. 

2. Guns

1. This cartoon is showing a graveyard filled with aborted babies. The point they are trying to get across is that there are many teenagers now a days getting pregnant and having to abort their babies because they are too young and aren’t responsible enough to take care of a baby.

2. Abortion 

1. This cartoon is showing two kids. An American kid and a Chinese kid. This is a stereotype explaining that American kids aren’t worried about an education. all they ever think about is twitter, Facebook, texting, tattoos etc. thats why they aren’t as smart as asian kids. Asian kids are smarter because they actually do think about their education and thats all they focus on. 

2. Our new generation. 

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  • dominiquecoleman November 16, 2009  

    My experience doing this project was good.
    I love working in a group because we can put our ideas togather and make a good project.
    I think my group performed really well because we didnt have attitudes everybody was happy to work togather.
    We would have to think of more ideas and focus more.
    I would say working with others is very good.

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