This political cartoon shows an elephant that is symboled for republicans and are paying more attention to the rich and offering whipped cream, along with his huge pie and coffee. He is also sitting in a better seat than the rest. The middle class gets a piece of the pie because they are wealthier than the poor along with a glass a milk. The middle class doesnt get treated well, but slightly better than poor. Wealthy get the better thing because they have more money. The poor get crumbs because they have no money, along with a smaller glass of milk. 

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  • lindamarie November 16, 2009  

    – How would you describe your experience?
    * It was fun && simply easy.
    – How would you summarize your feelings of working with a group?
    * I would perfer to work alone because i dont like depending on other people to do my work
    – What other way would you plan to do a group project?
    * Im not sure..
    – Why do you think your group performed the way it did?
    * because people were being abscent and did not really do there work
    -what changes would you make to solve any of the problems?
    * maybe people being here and not skipping or being abscent
    -what is your oppinion of working with others?
    * its okay but you cant be very reliable or dependable…

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