It’s showing the twin towers getting destroyed. This is another on

e of his cartoons that he likes to do about terrorism.

This is Obama being friendly with a few countries but he doesn’t have his hand up to Israel. This is a cartoon about the government and their relations with the other cou


Remember the bombing of the pearl harbor? I think this has something to do with that, another thing that has to do with the government.

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  • cathleenaguilar November 16, 2009  

    1. the experience was okay, i think it was nice to put ideas in with other people
    2. I’m really not into the whole group thing, but at points I am and this project was one of them.
    3. Um, I think something that has to do with music or something along those lines.
    4. Even though I didnt know my partners that well. we still copperated
    5. The timing in the final product, there was most likely something wrong in the video
    6. I like working by myself, but working with others is fun and you can get other ideas.

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