1st Day!

I had a great time on the first day! I enjoyed all of the activities and I really loved the social context added to each activity. I walked in feeling out of place since I’m in college and most everyone else it still in high school. I don’t know what the kids like these days so I wasn’t sure if I would relate to everyone. However, all of the icebreaker games definitely helped with this anxiety. I really dig that the program focuses on teamwork rather than just creating media.

I loved that we talked about racism and other social issues right off the bat. I’ve been very focused on the issues of my own race since I’ve been in college and I’ve been taking African American and race studies classes in order to learn about my history since K-12 doesn’t offer much more about black history other than Rosa Parks and MLK and even that is filtered. Therefore, I love that we can discuss it and see how it can effect us pursuing a career in media and on a daily basis.

The crew game that we played at the end was awesome. I’m still laughing about the “Reagan” card because my dad always tells me about how crooked he was even though he’s worshiped nowadays.  I have zero talent when it comes to drawing, dancing, and rapping so I didn’t participate in any of the beefs, but I really enjoyed watching them. This group is full of really talented individuals. My team won the game by staying on the down low. We drew as little attention to yourself as possible and spread rumors that we didn’t have any buildings and we lost our Beef card during the first battle. This strategy made teams not see us as a treat and we won because of it.

Overall, I really enjoyed the first day and am looking forward to the rest of the program. I’m really happy that I decided to sign up and pursue it. I wish I had something like this when I was in high school. Thank you all so much for providing this program!

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