E4 Youth Creative Earns Scholarship to Portfolio School


Congratulations to Damian Flores for earning a full scholarship to the Austin Creative Department, a portfolio school headed by Will Chau, a creative director at E4 Youth’s¬†partner agency GSD&M.

I’m very excited and proud to have an e4Youth student as my next scholarship recipient. You guys are molding mature, smart kids who are ready to take the next step.

Will Chau – Austin Creative Department

Damian participated in our Shadow the Pros summer program in which he shadowed creative professionals, honed his resume/portfolio and worked on creative assignments. He was one of more than a dozen young creatives that participated in the program this year. We’re proud of him and so thankful to all of the amazing companies that hosted his and other students’ shadow experiences this summer including GSD&M, McGarrah Jessee, Liaison Resources, Sanders\Wingo, Dell, HCB Health, Sherry Matthews Advocacy Marketing, Mando Rayo + Collective, Dub Academy, Core Media Enterprises and more.

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