ADHP Workshop: Vacation VR Remix Party

This is the 1st of 3 videos from the Austin Digital Heritage Project Workshop Series aimed at helping educators, parents and volunteers make authentic connections with BIPOC youth while learning digital literacy and basic coding skills. In this video we cover our approach to using storytelling frameworks to introduce youth to digital literacy and basic coding skills.

What You’ll Need

  • Computer or laptop
  • Free account on the coding platform

Video Table of Contents:
About E4 Youth
Austin Digital Heritage Project Demo 3:14 minutes
Ice Breaker Activity 8:42 minutes
Remix Example / Remix Your Own 18:34 minutes

Ice Breaker Questions

Below, are some questions to consider when introducing youth to this activity.

  • What is your favorite kind of travel destination (city, mountains, beach, historical)
  • Have you ever traveled outside of Texas or the United States?
  • What is the farthest place you’ve traveled?
  • If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go and why?

Look at examples of Vacation Remixes

Below is an example of a Vacation Remix template that you’ll use to complete the activity. Use your mouse to move around within the 360 environment and the Play/Mute buttons to hear the audio. The assets that you’ll be “remixing” are the 360 image, audio and text.

Remix Your Own

  1. Using the project above, select View Source and then Remix to Edit 
  2. Choose to Remix This (lower right hand corner).
  3. Go to Assets over on the left-hand side of the screen. If you have assets you’d like add (images or audio), you can drag and drop them here.
  4. Once you’ve uploaded files, mouse over them and click. You’ll see a thumbnail of the image/file. Click Copy Url button. This is the Url of the asset that you’ll be pasting into the index.html file.
  5. Go to index.html file (upper left side of the screen).
  6. Find <a-assets> tag. You’ll see an <img> tags and <audio> tag. The one with the id scene_01 represents the 360 image that is currently being used in the project. The Urls within the src tags are the ones you’ll want to replace with your own. Select the Url for the image you’d like to replace and paste your own into it. 
  7. If you have an audio file, copy the Url from within the assets folder and locate the <audio> tag within the index.html file. Replace its Url with that of yours. 
  8. To see what your remix looks like, click the Show Live button. Your project will open in a new tab of the browser.
  9. The content will load in a new tab on the browser. View Live


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