Content creation is perhaps the most powerful part of the creative economy. It spurs innovation, influences change and drives economic development across the world. The emergence of low cost VR / Immersive gear and open source tools is a great opportunity for creative youth to thrive.

E4 Youth is part of growing community of educators, technologists and creatives aimed at closing the digital divide. Over the past two years, we’ve formed several strategic partnerships with leading technology sector companies including Google Fiber, Mozilla, Capital Factory and Our goal is to help educators working with traditionally underserved youth integrate VR / Immersive tools into their classrooms. In addition to curriculum, we provide trained mentors that lead enrichment

VR Storytelling Curriculum and Workshops

E4 Youth develops curriculum frameworks and training for educators looking to integrate 360 Video and VR Immersive experiences into their classrooms. Below are ongoing updates with links to tools and curriculum resources.

Austin Digital Heritage Project

Austin Digital Heritage Project We’re using oral histories and VR to “restore” legendary locations like the Harlem Theater across East Austin. Goals: […]

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Help Us Build the E4 Virtual Archive (E4VA) of East Austin Oral Histories

Help Us Build the E4 Virtual Archive (E4VA) of East Austin Oral Histories The E4VA, pronounced “Eva”, will serve as […]

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VR Remix Party 2.0 One Sheet

Remix VR in the web browser in 10 minutes! E4 Youth is partnering with Latinitas and the Intel Foundation’s She Will […]

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Creating Your VR Remix Party Guide

Here’s E4 Youth’s guide along with examples for Creating Your VR Remix Party using free and open source tools in […]

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Snapping 360 Images from Google Street View

Introduction Here’s a hack for snapping 360 images directly from Google Street View at no cost. You used to be […]

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VR Remix Party Update

Over the past year, E4 Youth has partnered with the Mozilla Foundation and Capital Factory to develop curriculum that helps […]

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Storytelling w 360 Video

A run down of how E4 Youth is creating a community of practice around immersive media via its Storytelling wi […]

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VR Storytelling and Steps for Creating It

Why Develop VR Storytelling Curriculum? My name is Carl Settles, Founder/Executive Director of E4 Youth. In the Fall of 2017, […]

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