Bringing VR Remix Parties to 1000 Latinx girls across Central Texas

E4 Youth is partnering with Latinitas and the Intel Foundation’s She Will Connect program to provide digital literacy training, peer networks, and gender-relevant content to fix the Internet gender gap. E4 Youth is providing professional development and support for Latinitas staff as they implement our VR Remix Party curriculum with 1000 elementary and middle school girls across Central Texas.

The VR Remix Party curriculum helps educators leverage open source tools and a web browser to create immersive stories about their neighborhoods.

E4 Youth piloted the project this past summer as part of Latinitas’ Power Chica camps. “It was rewarding to see volunteers from Intel working directly with the Latinitas girls to bring their immersive stories to life!” said Carl Settles, E4 Youth Founder/Executive Director. “The engineers seem to get as big a kick out of it as the girls do!”

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