Who I Am- by Antonio Cueto

I was born in Mexico City, November 5th 1996. I grew up surrounded by a family of artists, I developed a big interest in music and started playing piano at an early age, at the age of 11 I started playing the guitar, then I started to write my own music and composing music for different instruments. I’ve been in different band projects, as the founder and lead guitarist of the groups Hobo District, Toxic Tongues, and Disturbed Effect. I moved from Mexico to Austin the summer of 2012 and everything was new to me, new friends, new school, new country,new city… And I loved it!!! It has been great since the first day, Austin is the perfect city to me because of all the culture you can find in the heart of the city, Downtown, where every night hundreds of bands play live music, I fit perfectly in here.

Actually I am a high school student and I’m working in a new music project with my longtime music partner and brother, Santiago Cueto, and drummer Corbin Gonzales. I am also enrolled in the School Of Rock at Austin and I’ve played live in bars around town like Holly Mountain and Red 7.

My other passions include painting and photography, my motto is “I live through my art, music and poetry”.

I joined the YMP to expand my knowledge in team work and critical thinking, but most important because I think it is huge opportunity of getting involved in an organization that will teach me how to communicate in the world of “the media” and commerce which is very important in my field, the music industry. I also think it is a great real life experience.

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