Who Am I?

Howdy! My name is Erika Senger! I am 16 and a junior at Akins High School. I am in the Fine Arts academy (formerly known as the AHA academy) at Akins. My major is journalism. I was born in Eugene, Oregon. I have a fraternal twin sister (who looks nothing like me). I am obsessed with American Horror Story and Pretty Little Liars. I plan on either going to UT or Texas State for college. I’m an editor for my schools yearbook. I create pages and design layouts for the yearbook. I enjoy reading romance novels and watching romance movies. I’m also on the volleyball team and track team. I’m shy once I first meet someone, but I warm up to people very easily and quickly. Photography is my passion! I love to listen to music, EDM is basically my life. Like many others in this program, I think this is a great opportunity for kids to really get the experience they could find useful in life and to later get prepared for college and hopefully build a career around this.

From this class, I hope to be more confident in my work, learn how to handle being under pressure, and develop better relationships with people I work with. I’m not time efficient in any way what so ever, so I also hope to learn how to manage my time better. The second I heard about this class, I instantly wanted to join it. I really don’t have any friends at my school, and I hope to make some during this class. At school, I’m always quiet and I keep to myself. I feel like this class is really going to help me open up to people more often. Lastly, I want this class to make social media useful to me. I want to give people something interesting to look at or read. I want to create something so unique that people will be amazed by how I did it and share it with their friends/family.

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