Who Is Victoria Ashley ?

Howdy Y’all!

My name is Victoria Ashley and I am 17 years old and a life long Austinite. I am a Junior in the Fine Arts Academy at McCallum High School. I am an Orchestra major, and I play the viola and violin. When I got to college I hope to major in Animal studies and a minor in music. I would love to be able to produce films or even a web series (like on youtube) which are geared to make people more interested in nature.  I come from a musical family; my father is a guitarist and plays in a local band, and he and my mom have always encouraged me with my music.  Besides music, visual arts have been a passion of mine for a long time. In middle school, I took classes in photography and film study. I have always been interested in film, and when I signed up for the class, I knew we would be going into depth with the story of the film, and while we did this, what I actually was learning, and found more fascinating, was learning the way all the technical parts of the movie came together to create the scene.

When I went to high school, I found out there was an AV Club and I signed up for it. It was like my film class, but this time, instead of learning how a scene was created, I was actually participating in creating the scenes! I helped on the show “Thunderboom”, a weekly show put on by our AV club. Each week when we produced the show, our jobs would change so that we would learn everything we could about what really took place behind the scenes. I became familiar with the various jobs, like running different cameras, working sound, and directing the show. We recently did our 2nd annual fundraiser “Teachers and Tiaras”, where I was the co-stage manager, and I got to learn what it was to run a show with a live audience!

I am a friendly person, and an eager learner, and I know I will learn so much by working with E4 Youth! I will be able to learn the skills that I need to promote and educate the public about exciting events. I feel that with the support of this program, I will gain confidence and be able to make a name for myself as someone people want to work with.

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