Day 1 Anthony January

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I enjoyed myself on the first day of boot camp. Started off with some icebreakers, to find out what other people thought about certain thing. Such as people views on Racism, how people felt about where they come from, school, etc.. We had a intervention to found out how much we have in common with our peers. I found out I’m not the only person who was homeless in the group; which sadden me for a brief moment. We did some team building activities which main goal in my eyes was to see who in the group would come fourth and take a leadership role. Close to the end of the session we played a game, divided in four groups to make a enterprise , guess that is what you would call it, to see which group would succeed no matter which obstacle was thrown there way. In this game, I was the first and almost the last person to be in Jail. I learned that if you stay somewhere for a long amount of time, you form a comfort zone. In reality being locked up is the last place I want my comfort zone to be. Overall I had a good time. I just wish more people around my age was participating in YMP Bootcamp, I wanted to meet more people in the Austin area that was in the same age group as me.

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