My First Day at e4youth

My first day at the Youth media project was very exciting for me. I enjoyed it to the fullest, and learned plenty of new things. I had woken up on the wrong side of the bed, lacked sleep and upon arriving to the program all of that just faded and I was mesmerized by the entire program. I worked hands on and socialized with different people. I even got the chance to meet and talk with most of the people there. Our activities were entertaining but at the same time they held a strong lesson behind them. It wasn’t so long before I started getting the hang of everything in this program. Furthermore, the new faces and active lessons only sparked my curiosity and creativity. I became more helpful and quick while working with my team. Upon arriving, I had a Sense of Hospitality here. I felt welcome and united with everyone there. Most people I didn’t even know, but that did not stop me from helping them as a team. Even after the lessons, I was left puzzled by the message or the purpose, and was not until later that I realized and saw that those were the key blocks to success. All this came to me in a matter of an epiphany, And I was amazed. My first day here…….. Was the beginning of something amazing. I am looking forward to meeting with the people there more often.

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