3 Six Clique Commercial Project


3 Six Clique Members: Donovan, Aaron, Kyleeil, Myles, Jessika, Cedaruis, Anthony, Treasure

The Youth Media Project is a collaboration between young adults and teachers from E4 Youth and the Black Media Council (BMC), which allows them to share and build their skills amongst each other.  On February 8,

we were assigned a major task: producing a commercial.  This commercial was to inform not only young adults, but parents about YMP and the opportunities it offers, as well as to allow young adults to showcase their talents and network with each other.


We came up with a relatable story about two young adults that find themselves intrigued by a text they receive about YMP while walking down the street. As they walk they find a young group of adults expressing themselves through music and beats, they later find out that this musical group was part of YMP.   This idea took time we had to make sure to find the right setting, story, characters, etc. After we came up with a solid idea we started to write it on paper what it would look like, what the scenes would be, and who was who.

IMG_1080     IMG_1124


As we were shooting for the commercial we ran into mainly obstacles, such as having to reshoot many scenes, to find the prefect location without too much noise or too many people, and we had to find the right rhythm and the right attitude to accomplish our goal.   All these things took time finding the perfect locationtoo longer than we thought, There were cars coming by creating too much background noise so you wouldn’t be able to hear what we were saying, so we had o find a new location to film. The motivation between the actors and the director was not there, we were too calm and not serious about the commercial.

IMG_1116        IMG_1119


After we finished the shooting process we started to edit our commercial.  There were not many challenges except timing. Timing was crucial to everything in our commercial.  If it was too long, we would fail, and if it was too short, it wouldn’t make sense. We overcame this challenge, and successfully accomplished our goal.







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