There Is More To Us Than You Think

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To make a commercial is far from easy. Getting the concept of what you want the commercials concept to be can be easy. Ours was ” There Is More To Us Than You Think “. Meaning the world has focused a lot on the negativity our generation of teens is doing. From the drinking , smoking , partying , failing or dropping out of school, you know just being  just us being lazy. There’s some of us who are completely different, who are actually doing things to get their lives right and strive to be somebody. Finding a way to show this in our commercial and to compound it into 30 seconds was difficult .

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The Shooting process was a struggle. Finding a place to shoot was the first thing we needed to do and when we found a place it had to have the right lighting and spacing. The place we found to film , there was students studying so we had to be courteous of them and make sure it was okay for us to still film there.

The absolute most difficult part was editing. The software we used was Final Cut Pro 7 and most of us who take a high school film class use a Final Cut Pro 10. We had to learn a whole new program and there wasn’t many similarities in the older software version to refer back to. Our commercial was not looking so good. Once we came back in and played with the software a little more we got it up and going. Our commercial was looking great.

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