Who Am I?

I am Arianna Bernal a 15 year old student at John B. Connally High School. I was Born in El Paso Texas and have moved to Austin recently with a passion for music and photography. I grew up a skater, at the age of 8 to 13 you could give me a long board, skate board, I would snatch it and spend hours ridding along the mountainsides I grew up in. but the older I grew, I slowly gained new interest. Being raised and basically trained by my older brother a phenomenal artist and musician, all I can really say is I grew into a huge music geek. I can sit in my room day in and day out just listening and being captured by the energy of many styles of music and learning about the artist. No matter how much I love to listen to music, I find playing the actual instruments; mainly bass guitar, to be a whole other realm I invest most my time on. I love learning new songs and even writing my own, with help from some friends who live back in El Paso and wouldn’t mind making it a profession. One of my other pass times is photography. I love taking pictures of landscapes, particular items and collecting them all on my Instagram account.

I mainly joined the YMP because my friend told me about it and insisted I’d check it out and join it but I think it’ll be great to help me learn about the media industry I would love to pursue a career in and something fun and interesting to get involved in.

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