Interviews- A preparation for SXSW: Team Striking Chukers


According to a recent survey on marijuana legalization in Texas, 58 percent of the participants voted ‘yes’ on making the use of cannabis legal to adults. 61 percent of the voters said that the possession of such drug should be decriminalized. We wanted to get our own insights and statistics on the topic. We went outside and asked different people all around the University of Texas campus (Austin, TX) about this, the results were rather intriguing.

Screen Shot 2014-02-22 at 3.09.00 PM

For the interview, we used a Canon REBEL T3 series camera to capture and record the different insights. We asked three important questions-

“What are your views on marijuana?”

“Should marijuana be legalized in the state of Texas?”


People gave their different opinions, and through this we got a general idea of the status of Marijuana throughout the community.

This prepared us to be Youth ambassadors for SXSW because we practiced our interviewing skills, and learned how to approach properly to the people we want to interview.

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