SxSW Event Research

1) On March 10th,  I will be interested in seeing “Funny or Die presents Bill Cosby in Concert” at SxSW. I’m interested in seeing Bill Cosby because I spent my childhood watching his famous sitcom “The Cosby Show”. I know how funny Bill Cosby is. I also love how he can be hilarious without using profanity in his jokes.

Content Idea: I think a good content idea for this event is to do a “man on the street interview”. I think this would be a good content idea for this event because I know how famous Bill Cosby is. I know that a lot of people would want to see him because he is best know for his humor. I know I can get excellent opinions from different people of this street.


2) On March 10th, I would also like to see the “Blackout Drunk with Jon Gabrus” event. I think that going to this event would give me a lot of laughs. I’m interested in seeing this because Jon Gabrus will be there. Jon Gabrus is famous for being funny on MTV’s Guy Code and MTV’s Girl Code. Guy Code and Girl Code are two very popular shows for teenagers. They talk about common girl and guy topics that a lot of people can relate to. In this event, Jon will share his funny and interesting life stories on when he was drunk. I think this would be hilarious because I find his jokes to be hilarious. I’m very familiar with his work as well.

Content Idea: I think a good content idea for this event is to write a blog post about him. I’m not sure how many people are familiar with his work because he does attract the younger audience (ages 17-35). Writing a blog post about Gabrus would promote his event at SxSW. By writing a blog post, I can also show more people about him and get more people to go to the event.


3) On March 14th, I will be interested in seeing “Hannibal Burness Live from Chicago” at SxSW. Hannibal is on Comedy Central. Comedy Central is one of my favorite networks to watch. Also, I’m interested in seeing him because he is from Chicago.  I am from Chicago as well, so I think we could relate on some of his jokes. I could probably find more interest in him because he are from the same city. Also, his shows are always taped at the Vic Theater in Chicago, IL. I have attended Vic Theater plenty of times.

Content Idea: During this event, I could take pictures and do a series of tweeting. I think this is the best content idea for this event because a lot of my twitter followers live in Chicago. They would be interested in comedy especially if it’s somebody from their hometown.


4) On March 8, I will be interested in going to the SxSW Comedy Opening Party Presented by NBC’s late night with Seth Meyers. I’m excited about going because I like attending parties. I think the party will be entertaining and fun because it will be hosted by Seth Meyers. Seth Meyers is a comedian and is popular for being on Saturday Night Live. The party will be fun since it’s from 10:30 p.m. to 1:30 a.m.

Content Idea: I think a good content idea for this event would be to do a “man on the street interview”. I know a lot of people watch Saturday Night Live and are familiar with Seth Meyers. I know I can get some good opinions from anybody on the street since his work is very famous.


5) The last event that I’m interested in seeing at SxSW is the Dolby Sound Exchange. I’m excited about this event because you can play video games for free. You can also enter to win a Kindle Fire HDX or a gaming headset. They also have a happy hour from 5-7 p.m. for free drinks and music.

Content Idea: A 30 second video on this event would be a good content idea because I could promote the video and get teenagers to come. They would like to come to that event because most teenagers like video games and free music.

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