Shadowing at Sanders/Wingo

On Wednesday June 18, I  began my shadow  experience  by being assigned to  Ms. Shanteka Sigers, Senior Vice President and Executive Creative Designer at Sanders/Wingo.   I was nervous because I wanted to make a good impression  and I also knew I was representing e4 youth.

I started the day off by sitting down with Ms.Sigers. She shared her previous work with me and we had a good discussion about what she had done in her career, and what she does now in her position as the Executive Creative Designer. It is an incredible amount of responsibility. As we went on our tour, and she introduced to people in the different departments and explained their roles, Ms. Sigers explained how the creative process works by looking for inspiration everywhere, even on social media. I then got to observe her give her insights to Kevin Munoz, Graphic Designer as he worked on a project. You can really see how although someone can have a great idea, other people can help shape it to be even better.

I also got to spend time with Ben Wilbanks, Associate Producer. We discussed our common interest in film and what was very interesting was when he showed me some of his film work and explained why certain things were shot at particular angles in order to express what the client wants their product to be thought of or known. After seeing how things worked I was able to work with Ms.Sigeres intern,Oz with some paperwork and with some work that needed to be done .

I concluded when I got to finish the tour of the company.  What made a big impression on me was how as a person moves up in their career, the responsibilities that come with advancement can sometimes take away time from what originally drew them to the career. You have to start worrying about budgets and hiring and firing when sometimes you may just want to sit down and draw.  It was inspiring to hear Ms.Sigers and how she saw, what she wanted, and did the work to get where she is today and I am grateful I was able to meet such a nice lady and a wonderful company.


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