A Day at GSD&M

I went to GSD&M on my second job shadowing experience and I found the people and the space to be bright and inviting! I was paired up with an intern who worked as a Graphic Designer there named Candice. She was really funny and let me observe her process of creating several logos for a campaign regarding “National Light Bulb Day”. Afterward, I was taken on a tour throughout the building to see people’s workspace and there rooms of leisure. I saw their  fancy mini movie theatre where commercials could be widely viewed by many employees. I also got to pet a bandana wearing dog that was quietly strolling through the hallways! Candace took me to lunch and introduced me to another intern who gave me her point of view of her experience at GSD&M. I learned that the interns are not given small jobs to do there, but that they contribute to the creative process for different logos or campaigns. I liked the idea of having big responsibilities, even as an intern, which can give you the experience you need to work as a Graphic Designer elsewhere or choose to stay at GSD&M and continue to do great things there! The sociable people and quirky environment make GSD&M a truly unique advertising agency.

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