Feel It!

My day at McGarrah Jessee started off sweaty and hot (literally). I walked in and got there around noon just before it started to rain. The very first thing I noticed were the high heels and dogs running around aimlessly throughout the building. The vibe here was sophisticated yet easy going vibe. The employees here looked like they were ready for a runway show (which I really liked). They seemed really happy as if they really enjoyed their jobs here. I really enjoyed seeing the Shiner bottles proudly placed all around the building. It was amazing seeing all of the different reject bottle label designs. I even got to see a meeting which was about Waterburger. They really do aim for perfection here. My favorite part of my visit here was meeting Chaka. He is apart of the Riders Against the Storm music group. He gave this really amazing speech that resonated with me. It was about creating your own story as an artist. Being positive and most importantly feeling your work. This helped me embrace the blind contour drawing I did on my phone while I was waiting for this shadow event to start.


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