“There and Back Again” – McGarrah Jesse


I had an amazing second visit at McGarrah Jesse. I had already learned so much about the company and their processes, but then I had the opportunity to meet some new people, who gave me more ideas of what I need to do in order to pursue a career as a creative.


What I learned from Marcellina Kampa, the Resource Manager, is that I should already be creating now. I actually have to put it out there. I have already done projects or taken photos and worked on them, but I have never really promoted my work. If this is something I want to so, I need to start getting myself out there NOW.

It was great because she recommended programs for me and she taught me about networking and how it really comes in handy knowing people and how they can help me (and I can help them). Sometimes someone you meet at an event is the exact person you may need for a future project or they may remember something about me that would be useful to them. I sometimes can be shy, but she told me the importance of always asking for a business card, and to use and develop my interests in order to help my career.


Ally Hugg, the Social Media Strategist, was the type of person I had hoped to meet in this experience. She does exactly what I am interested in doing. As I was doing the YMP during SXSW, I was very interested in getting the word out about what I was experiencing and I wanted the people who read my blogs and tweets to be part of that experience. Some of the things I need to remember

– The importance of developing a connection with the people

-Text and images work together

-Everything comes together

– Tell the Brand’s story


When I visited with Gary Baker, II, I got to sit in on some fun, but hard work.

It was fun being able to see his thought process and trying to help come up with names for new ideas. I am actually still thinking about the work he let me sit in on, and I may have some more creative names for him now! Once you start working on something, you cannot help but still think about it. The lesson I learned from him is if I’m curious about it, go ahead and study it! Learn and expand my mind! The more I know the more people might want to invest in me. Future employers are not only looking for the position they are hiring for, but for what else I could do for their company.


The work they do at McGarrah Jesse is “telling a brand’s story”. You are creating a story for people to hear about and they, in turn, will tell others. I may not always be able to write what I want to express, but I can use my visual talents and create a story. I like the idea that although, I cannot always find the right words, sometimes my images can let me be able to get what I want to come across.


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