My Awesome Day at McJ

For my last job shadowing experience, I was paired with a Digital copywriter named Steve Willis. Although we didn’t share the same interest in art, I learned that he loved music and did quite a bit of journalism in his earlier days. He dove deep into his past as a crime writer for a local newspaper. I saw the expression in his face change as he described how he had to go into detail about fatalities and how painful it was to interview the families of those who perished. I could tell he was a sensitive soul who poured his heart into what he did for a living. I got that feeling from the other people who worked at McGarrah Jessee as well. This environment full of dedicated workers made me feel hopeful for a career with passionate people with interesting backgrounds. Overall, this agency was my favorite out of the others I’ve visited. Seeing these amazing people again and learning more about the advertising industry was worth forgetting where I parked for two hours.

-Anabel Gomez




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