Clarity: GSD&M Edition

We started the day at GSD&M with a tour. They showed us around the huge building. They took us to places never seen, showed us pieces created, and introduced us to new faces. After traveling through the building I met with Morgan McDonald. Morgan McDonald was exceptional. She was warm and willing to help. She spent her time answering numerous questions about our goals and ambitions along with telling us about her. She told us about her background in Florida and how she moved to Austin. She was even willing to surface her own personal life. She gave advice on classes she’d taken and seemed to speak the words I needed to hear. Morgan explained the levels of work and how she has much to do and how she’s always improving. I appreciated the experience. I enjoyed being able to talk to someone who understood what I was saying and translated into real life. GSD&M as a whole was beyond what I expected and provided the lasting pieces to my clarity puzzle.

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