Media Mash-Up Term: Experimental

Hello, my name is Christian Nelson, and I am a Media Protege.
This weeks term is Experimental.
The term experimental is a branch of the root word experiment. The definition of Experiment is: a test, trial, or tentative procedure; an act or operation for the purpose of discovering something unknown or of testing a principle.

When I first heard this word, the first thing that came to my mind was Frankenstein! A doctors experiment gone wrong. But, I guess it does kind of tie into the term. When Doctor Victor Frankenstein had this idea to create this “new man” he went beyond reality, and tried something out of the ordinary. He was “experimental” in his thinking.

Concerning media, experimental means to do that something out of the ordinary. To try something fresh and new. An example of this, for me, was the Motion Picture: Cloverfield.

Mr. Abrams, the Director, had a wonderful idea. Creating the entire movie in the first person. A POV production as I call it. It was awesome, and it was something, we had never seen before. He “experimented” with this, new way of shooting, and I believe, did something amazing.
I try to experiment when coming up with ideas for movies, art projects, and in life. Everything in life, was at on time, an experiment. Some examples: the Lightbulb, Automobiles, Skyscrapers, Weapons, even fire! But experimentation is step 2 in creating something new. First you must imagine it, but Imagination is a different topic (Hopefully, a future Mash-Up term, hint, hint, Carl)!
The Media Mash-Up term for this week was Experimental. A very important term in media, and life.
My name is Christian Nelson, and I am a Media Protege. I am an artist, and I strive to Imagine.

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  • carlsettles June 26, 2009  

    Nice Christian. I think you are now in the lead for that iPod Touch. Your fellow proteges better make their next move their best move.

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