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Hear from students, parents, educators, media professionals, entertainers and business people about how they are striving for success. Ad your own voice to our campaign and drought the drop out rate through media empowerment. It Could Be U making a difference.

About It Could Be U
It Could Be U is a movement to increase academic and cultural attainment through media advocacy. To start, we’re inviting you to help us write blogs, make podcasts, videos, music, and broadcast live workshops every week in November. We want to find out what type of Media Maker you are,,, a writer, graphic artist, musician, copywriter? Then, we’ll help you form Ad Squad Teams that can compete in the 2010 Show Your Reel Contest. .

Show Your Reel Contest
Come January, we’ll be inviting you to form teams and attend media tours and workshops as a part of the 2010 Show Your Reel Contest. You’ll be developing ad campaigns on the pursuit of a higher education. What are the obstacles to pursuing higher education? How can we overcome them? You and your Ad Squad teammates will use your media making skills to create whatever type of campaign you can imagine. You can make video public service announcements, carry out a Twitter campaign, design a web site, combine these ideas or invent something completely new.
In February, we’ll be doing regional showcases in Austin, Houston, Dallas and San Antonio, TX followed by the State finals in Austin in March. Winning teams can win up to $2000 in scholarships, gear, and other special prizes.

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