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We are very excited to have so many new faces on Media Xperiments (MX). As we grow, we want to continue to improve on our mission to empower people through media. MX is a think tank and social web portal. We want folks to feel comfortable while at the same time, we want to be an agent of change.

Many people have expressed concern over some of the content that has been posted recently. Folks are simply grabbing images from other places on the web and posting them here. Posted video, music, pictures or any other content on MX should be examples of your work.


In just a few weeks, you will have opportunities to compete in the Show Your Reel Contest with other students throughout the state of Texas for scholarships, cool gear and other prizes. MX is partnering with media professionals and business leaders across the state to offer you workshops and tours in your local community.

This spring MX will also be taking applications for the new slate of Media Proteges who will get to spend the summer working side by side with media professionals creating content for MX and our growing list of strategic partners.

The posts that you make on this site and actually on any social networking site such as My Space or Facebook, reflect on who you are. MX photo and video areas are for you to show your work and get feedback.

So, with that in mind, we are now approving all photos, blogs etc that are posted on MX. So, thank you for being a part of MX and we look forward to seeing more examples of your work soon!

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