BIMM Review 2010.

1.) My favorite assignment was the video we had to make to show different music we listen to. it gave me a chance to show Local Austin Musicians.

2.) I would classfy this class as an experience to explore your own creativity, using different forms of media.

3.) I learned how to use Photoshop for the first time. Although I don’t plan on being a Graphic Designer, it will be a good fall back, this also helps me with my current career choice. i can help artist with Cover Art for a CD they want to put out.

4.) The only dislike was the temperature in the classroom, oh and the computer constantly deleting my work.

5.) I walked in thinking I wouldn’t learn anything to help me later in life. Now, looking back I learned a lot and this gave me a view of what I am capable of.

6.) Mr.Conover, your a pretty cool teacher, you kept us busy and it was a good experience with all the hands on stuff, which is the only way I was able to improve my skills.

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