Do you want to handle a situation with workmanship? With good skill and quality? Then you need finesse.
I looked up finesse and it stated four things. It stated that finesse is: skillful handling of a situation and adroit maneuvering. Meaning you use you’re skills of the hands or mind to plan things and make it happen. The second thing is the ability to handle delicate and difficult situations skillfully and diplomatically. In other words having or showing an ability to deal with people in a polite and effective way and handling difficult situations carefully. Third cunning; skill; artfulness; craft : making something wonderful, eye catching. Like photos by professional photographers making models pose and making the picture look great. The fourth one is, an attempt to take a trick with a lower card while holding a higher card not in sequence with it, made in the hope that the intervening card is in the hand of the opponent who has already played. So when playing cards you use finesse to trick you’re opponent so they can loose and you take the victory. Finesse is a person of action with a nice, creative skill. They now what they are going to do and if some how they mess up they got a evasive strategy, a plan to get out.
So theres different types of finesse and everyone use it in some way. Like me I use my creative thinking skills to come up with a new drawing,logo or a flyer and make it look good.
Another way I use finesse is the ability to deal with things in difficult times. For example in a soccer game. The game is about to end and the game is intense both teams are going back and forward trying to score the winning goal. Then theres a penalty made.I have to kick it. All the pressure is on me.I hold my composure and focus on putting the soccer ball into the back of the net. I look at the ball and then the goal and calmly I kick the ball. My skillful ability to handle difficult situations made me score a penalty and making my team the winners.How did I score the goal? Well I just kick the ball to the back of the net.But I had finesse to do it. So if you want to do a good job with good skill and quality. Then you need finesse like me.

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