April 9,2011 Class Journal

     What I did today was I came in and sat down and I met Mindy and Albert and they introduce themselves to Louisa,Nicky and I.Mindy is my mentor and she is going to be my mentor for at least 4 months or more. Mindy told me lots of things that she likes to do.She likes to listen to music and she plays the Clarinet and she is a Civil Enginering.We talked about what we would in the next few meetings,like doing activites of what I like. I like Science and Music. I like science because Mindy and I are going to do expirements and explore what I want to be when I become an adult. I like music because Mindy and I are going to listen to music and the instrument I want to play. We are going to get a start on learnig different aspects of music. I felt good today because I have a mentor that is going to help me with different assignments later on.

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