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Tyrone Cleveland

After I graduate I want to be a writer, manga artist, or an architect. I want to be a writer because I feel that I’m really good at writing, and I wouldn’t mind writing books for a living. It takes an amazing thing to be a writer because if you fictional then everything is to be created at all times. I would look the fact that I would be making or writing my own books my. Also along with the writing job I would also be able to write scripts and movie scenes. I would love to be a manga artist because it also involves writing and I have a unique talent at drawing. My art skills are pretty impressive for someone who didn’t even like drawing in the first place. Art is another way to change my creative texture. I think it would be great because I love art and writing in the same, so this would be a really good thing in my life. I would like to be an architect as well because I am very good with my hands and I would also use me art skills and writing skills to explain or draw out a building plan. Then I would be able to work on my own on my own individual household. So my art skills, writing skills and my hands on type skills would be applied in any type of job I would pick. As look as these skills are utilized I don’t care what job I would have.

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