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I would like to be a image consultant/fashion consultant. Celebrities, politicians and other public figures often utilize the service of an image consultant. A fashion consultant is a type of personal image consultant who specializes in wardrobe and makeup improvement.
Watching my aunt Jonni do my mom’s hair and makeup gave me the passion to do hair and makeup, My mom even had the dream of becoming a barber. She was also the type of lady that loved to shop and get dressed and that’s where I got my love for fashion. After my mom’s passing I knew I would want to grown up and do things that my mom would like and things I would love doing also. My first time doing hair was when my aunt taught me how to roll hair.
The main reason I would love to be an image consultant/fashion consultant is because you can help people express their style in fashionable ways, and also help people with makeup and hair because that’s how most people express themselves. Helping people with their wardrobe and makeup gives them the positive attention they would like. Celebrities and public figures need dressers and makeup artist that are into fashion and knowing what’s new in the world today. When helping someone with their looks also helps them get known for their wonderful appearance. When you are responsible for someone’s looks you need to always make sure they look good, that’s how you get well known and famous. I can truly say I have the passion for fashion!

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