What I Am Learning As I Go Along

     Today June 13th today I was Motivated and learned a lot.

We had a woman guess speaker who worked as a publicist and worked at SXSW come in and talk to us about how she got to the place that she is now at. She basically told us to not be afraid of going for what you love and she said that it is better for you to do something that you love because then you would most likely be good at it. We watched a video that had to do with SXSW so it helped us get a better understanding of what i was about. We also watched another video today that talked about the media. The video explained how much media influences we are exposed to. Which was really interesting because it opened my eyes to see another side of advertising. I learned that when going through a process of advertising it’s not just one idea that gets put out there but it is revealed to others and reviewed before it can be used. Overall today was really interesting and motivating.

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