It could be you Day 4

Well, we had more amazing speakers ( I really shouldn’t have to say it anymore since we always have some amazing people ) today! We got to hear about another interesting side to advertising that really seemed to keep everyone interested. We also got to see Drew’s work finally, which was amazing since he really did just decide to start making games and comics one day and it worked out.

We were also given our first mini project (?) assignment, where we either team up or work solo on expressing we have mastered the concept of Value ( not the literal value like money, but more of the media definition ). I am excited to start on this because it is our first real hands on work, but at the same time it is kind of weird being thrust into something without any direction. I am so used to people feeding me the ideas behind illustrations or layout but this time we are really expected to just make something. I have already started looking at some example of what me and Mark are going for though, so I am sure it’ll turn out alright in the end. Gotta start somewhere….

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