What I Am Learning As I Go Along

June 14th

      Today was a very interesting day.

First off we started off sharing are advertising add that we looked up and talked about the goal and point of the ad. Everyone had good points and analyzed the ads well. Then we had a wonderful and talented speaker by the name of Drew talk about his job and what he did to get there. He was very determined with his work and i could clearly see that he enjoyed his work. He said that he couldn’t really just narrow his art to one job. He just stuck to saying that he was an artist. He did a lot of wonderful graphic artwork which was very interesting.The next speaker was a woman who worked at Sanders Wingo which is a large advertising company. She talked about her work and showed us some of the commercials that her and her company made. She was very entertaining and funny I enjoyed it. Today was very entertaining, inspiring, motivational and informational.

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