E4 Youth: the Fouth Day;

A speaker from another advertizeing agency came to speak, once again the inportance of a portfolio was included. The advertizeing agency she worked for was one of the few to have a Black Female Creative Directors in the industry (a very amazing feat considering there are only 3% women in the position at all) unfortunately i was unable to see the rest of the presentation as i had to leave to go to a class.

Also, one of the main coordinatiors was a presenter. he started as a artist in the classroom (the one that sits and draws alot during class), built a portfolio of all the draings he had done- and eventualy got recomended by a friend of his to work in a gameing company. Durring his time there he worked on the “Sims” game. eventualy he quit during a period of the company’s 3 month hold and decided to make his own games- I find myself rather interested in how he is manageing to do everything except the music in such short anounts of time.

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