Personality Profile – Breonna Ortiz


   My name Is Breonna but you can call me bre I don’t mind all my other friends or people I really don’t know call me that. My family calls me Nanie so does my best friends. I was born in a small city called Abilene Texas. I never really liked it because it was a town where everybody knew everybody and sometimes that could be good or bad. I raised by granny & papa till I was about twelve or thirteen and then that’s when I moved with my grandma on my dad’s side. I have 11 siblings and they all work my nerves but I still love them. I am the first child from both parents. I have a big family as you can see im not even gonna get started on how many cousins I have.

  I am sixteen years old and in the eleventh grade. Sometimes I actually cant believe that I came this far it feels like I just took one blink and poof im almost to the finish line. Im a very out going person and love to laugh any body who can make me laugh is my friend. I don’t know if that’s weird or not but oh well. Usually when I first meet people I tend to stay quiet to watch my surrounds but once I open up to you your gonna enjoy having a friend like me. I come from a family that loves Animals we have 5 dogs, 2 fish, and a bird. All of our puppies are miniature poodles and I really don’t know what type of bird or fishes we have.





  I love watching sports and playing them my family always has kickball tournaments that we participate in. I play Kickball at Uho it’s a league for all ages until you graduate high school. Theres leagues where its just grown ups to. I also play softball It’s my heart and passion. Almost been playing for 6 years and I love it more than anything. I love to just go outside and toss the softball around and catch up with my grandma when were to busy with things. The thing that im addicted to is Apple juice its just soo good you will always see me with a bottle of it and if I don’t tea usually subsitutes it. Another thing about me is im all about music. Im weak when it comes to somebody who just has a great voice or song. I usually listen to R&B or slow jams some people call it old school to. I am not really interested into the music that’s out today. The only person I listen to daily that’s out is Keyshia Cole I love all her music it has soul like the old school.


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  • melissaporch September 18, 2012  

    You have eleven siblings?! Wow! I know Abilene it is pretty much like Lubbock, and I agree not much to do.

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