Rida Murad

Hi my name is Rida Murad I am currently a sophomore at Connally high school. I will be turning 16 on the 24thof Sept . I personally love school and try keeping a really optimistic attitude towards it since I spend like 8 hours a day. I love to play tennis! I love spending time with my family I am a very family person, I have an older sister who’s married and has a beautiful daughter who has my heart! I plan on going into the medical field and since I have had a history of cancer in my family background I plan on being a pediatric oncologist! I Love university of Texas it  has always been my goal in life and I still hope I can get into it! I am not an animal person but I love cats because usually they are so chill and in their own world yet at the same time so loving! I chose to joining yearbook this year because I have a really creative mind and I always wanted to be a part of my school but I don’t have time for athletics so I thought this happened to be the best way to express my creative thoughts and play a part in my school! I passionately hate airports but love to travel my dream before I die is to definitely go to Spain and explore the city of love!! Music is my soul it is my escape from everything and anything, my friends are one of the most important factor in my life. I love going to concerts I recently went to drakes ‘club paradise tour. It hands down had to be the most amazing night of my whole 2012  year so far! I am very social I spend most of my time on twitter and what not so follow me J @ridam96 

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