Lexia jones

Shy, quiet, with alot of school spirit is Lexia jones. She is 16 years old and her birthday is december 19th, she is very excited about her birthday coming up. Lexia does not like teachers and or doing alot of school work. She likes only a few people in school and has about 3 true friends. She really dislikes the school food, “claims its real generic and no variety”. Lexia has alot of school spirit by Being on our Varsity cheerleading squad. She wants to attend a big university for college, and she wants to stay in texas for college, said “i cant leave my mom id miss her”.  She hopes to maintain that by coming after school and keeping up her A and B average for grades. Also says “My mom stays on my tail on grades so i have no choice”. Her main reason To go to college is to get A Degree and see Boys, she claims “She loves boys”. Lexia has younger sister and she says “even though she’s a pain i still love her” . Lexia plans on having a good life and to experience new things.

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