1. What are the types of white balance and draw the symbol for each.

Auto, Cloudy, Flash, Indoor, Daylight, Fluorescent.

2. What is the difference among large format cameras, medium format, DSLR, and compact?

Quality and amount of pixels.

3. What time periods were they used?

Lf used 1900’s-present, Medium used 1890’s-present, DSLR used present, Compact used present.

4. What does SLR stand for?

Single Lens Reflex.

5. Who made the first photograph?

Nicéphore Niépce

6.Who is Daguerre and what did he contribute?

Aguerreotype process of photography.

7. What is the rule of thirds? What would a photo look like using this?

It divides picture into 3 parts and centers subject in one part.

8. What are leading lines?

They lead your eyes to the subject.

9. What is framing?

Using object around you to frame a subject.

10. What’s the difference between bird’s eye and worm’s eye view?

Birds eye is above, worms is below.

11.  What is libel?

Faux stories about people or photoshopped images.

12. What is obscenity? The acronym for the test to determine?

Obscenity is when something is offensive to a reasonable person.

13. What is invasion of privacy?

Not asking to take a pic of someone or taking a pic of a non newsworthy event without permission.

14. Copyright infringement?

Copying someone else’s work without there permission.

15. What is the difference between being unethical and breaking the law in photojournalism?

Unethical is just not politically correct, illegal is against the law.

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