Happy Idea and Moment

What make you happy?: The things that make me happy, is too see my sister happy, and singing even if she has the voice of bass a guys voice, it still sounds pretty too me. I want my two older sisters to be happy always if that could be a gift that god could give me, then I would be blessed. The physical things like PSP, 3DS, DVD’s, VHS’s, and so on that are electronic. And expensive clothing and etc. Can always wait until later. As long as my Dad, and Mom still love each other until they both die, that would be a blessing to me also. I have accepted the point that everyone in my family might die before me, and that we all are going to eventually die leaving our descendants, our children and their children behind living in the celestial kingdom and so on.

The happiest moment in my life, even tho it was surprising so much that I was crying, was seeing my older sister angela get married to man, that she knows she will love forever. I want both of my sisters too be like my mom and dad, who are happy just being together, even if myself can’t ever possibly find someone to love. Because I can’t possibly imagine, what type of guy I would want, or the type of guy would give me that I need as a blessing to me for all that I have done to worship him, and love everyone for who they are as brothers and sisters, who will eventually be in celestial kingdom with me, once I have died in peace.

Love Amber

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